Advanced Writing Class agenda: The pacifism debate.

Dear Scholars,

Our class this Thursday will be on WiZiQ here:

In our class last Thursday (view the recording.):

  • We had many excellent papers and covered most of them.
  • We also discussed and defined some vocabulary from the Sadlier Oxford site. Please keep expanding your vocabulary journals.
  • We engaged in a spirited debate on the subject of music downloading and piracy.

This week:
We decided that Micah would choose a debate topic for this week. He has chosen a very interesting and provocative topic: the value of pacifism. I’m sure you’ve all researched the issue; please post material you have found.

I have found a few things:
From Dictatorship to Democracy A pamphlet by American academic, Gene Sharp, which is largely responsible for non-violent revolutions in half a dozen countries including the recent one in Egypt. This work was put into public domain by the author and has been translated into more than 30 languages. It is banned in many countries.
The 83 year-old academic who inspired the Egyptians. An article about Dr. Sharp.
Mahatma Gandhi — a century of peaceful protest Article.
Gandhi was wrong — nonviolence doesn’t work Article.

Come with your ideas and arguments. Persuasive essays are encouraged.

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