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Dear Scholars,

Homework for today was to watch:
Stephen Fry – Kinetic Typography

And to answer the questions:

What is his opinion on the use of
  • Ending a sentence with a preposition?
  • Using split infinitives?
  • Misusing “imply” and “infer”?
  • Misusing “less” and “fewer”
  • Using “none” in the plural?
Do you understand the issues raised here? Let’s discuss them.

What is his opinion on words as art?

Can you find where he breaks the synesis rule?

This week’s chosen topic in nonsense literature and you were asked to post examples by others in the Great Writings Forum or Poetry Forum as appropriate, and your own efforts in the Writers Forum.

You were asked to view Lectures in nonsense and to keep up with this section as it will be expanded.

Next week there will be no class on Thanksgiving. If there is interest, perhaps we can have an online class next Monday or Tuesday evening. Please discuss it with your families and let me know what you think of the idea.

Let’s look at research papers and term papers at some point. This sounds more daunting than it is.

A new reference section has been added to our classroom which includes

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