Agenda this week — writing persuasive papers

Dear Scholars,

The listening assignment for this week was:

Hamlet: a small rewrite. We listened to this one in class and I hope you listened more than once. This is a very clever and extremely funny sketch by Atkinson and Laurie on a supposed discussion of Hamlet between Shakespeare and his producer. The scene itself is posted as well though the sound didn’t work in class.

Robert Fisk lecture on aspects of journalism in the middle east and an opposing opinion on Iraq by Hitchens.

Please make your own suggestions.

Assignments for this week

The persuasive essay

We discussed possible persuasive essay topics. Consider the topics above and post suggested arguments or a complete paper. Should we engage in a debate, prepared or unprepared on any of these topics?
More have since been added: Persuasive Essay Topics

Resources added to the classroom:

Bach Brandenberg Cto. #2

This was menioned in class last week. I think you’ll enjoy it.

The V for Vendetta — verbiage scene Was shared some time ago by Micah. Let’s watch that one in class.

An excellent resource has been added: Using English for Academic Purpose

Let’s look specifically at some common errors in class:

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