Agenda this week — writing research papers, homework.

Dear Scholars,

I’m sure you’ve all read the interesting article on academic writing and plagiarism — or more specifically, “cyber-pseudepigraphy“. Please post any thoughts you have.

This week, let’s look further into term papers and research papers. As usual, the class will be available on WiZiQ.

Please keep in mind that producing papers need not be a daunting, onerous process. With a few tricks and some useful resources, an adept writer can churn out high-quality papers in short order.


Let’s examine the state of our EIE Literary journal — The print version document file, cover art etc. Please don’t be disappointed if your work is not in this issue. Space constraints and the subject matter theme will limit which ones are chosen.

Many new text, video and audio resources have been posted on our site. Please do some research yourselves on worthwhile articles, lectures, debates, interviews, and post them for the rest of us.


Writing subject: A short research paper on any subject, at least one page with at least two works cited. Use the MLA template. We will discuss subjects.


Lecture: Terry Eagleton on Evil

Lecture: Psychology and climate change

Lecture: Nanotechnology, Ethics and Religion

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