College Prep English for Homeschoolers at EIE, November 20, 2014

Dear Homescholars,

Class Agenda November 20, 2014

Last week’s online class feed DID NOT WORK: Google Plus dropped the feed after a few minutes. Let’s hope this week will work better after some testing.

ThanksgivingNote: No class next week: THANKSGIVING.

November 20, 2014 class
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Project discussion

Assignments discussion

Essay Study

David Berlinski Essays by David Berlinski, a remarkably eloquent and incisive American author. Let’s start with All Those Darwinian Doubts.

Here are a few more to choose from:

Where Physics and Politics Meet
A Scientific Scandal
What Brings a World into Being?
The Advent of the Algorithm
The 300-Year Journey from an Idea to the Computer
Was There a Big Bang?


Let’s discuss chapter 6 in the text.

Let’s continue with Hamlet and prepare recitations.

Gutenberg e-text


Updated Assignments

Please continue to submit papers, poems, diatribes, ruminations.

Let’s read Chapter 7 in the text.

Language immersion
Let’s finish up ongoing assignments: the Jonathan Miller documentary: The Body in Question and The Machine That Made Us, documentary on the Gutenberg press by Stephen Fry.

Let’s go on to:

Rowan Atkinson Rowan Atkinson on freedom of speech

David Berlinski lecture: The Devil’s Delusion
A really rather fascinating lecture. Listen to it specifically for the language.

Documentary by Jonathan Miller: Madness Note that some of this material is rather heavy. Please skip any parts.

Documentary by Stephen Fry: Planet Word

Lower Priority Assignments
Terry Eagleton on the war on terror. Prof. Eagleton is one of the great speakers.

Please read: Flying High by Christopher Hitchens.

Robert Fisk on writing and journalism. Fisk is one of the most highly honored journalists in the world.


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