Dear Scholars,
I hope you are all enjoying a well-deserved holiday. There is no class this week. See you all next Thursday.

I just came across a very interesting article on academic writing and plagiarism — or more specifically, “cyber-pseudepigraphy” It is a well-written and quite interesting research paper on the growing phenomenon of college papers for sale online. It does not, as is so often done, simply subject the practice to endless disparagement, but maintains that, in an environment of papers for sale and ghost writers for hire, the intrinsic value of a college degree is becoming increasingly suspect. I feel that this position is certainly justified but also that it is clearly far more likely to be true in a mass-production educational environment than one in which one-on-one education is the norm. What do you think?

Please read the paper for its scholarly form as well as content and writing style.

The new reference section in our classroom contains:

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