Once Round the Sun





Color by Elizabeth A. Russell and Denis Titchenell


Copyright © 1981 by Theosophical University Press

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 81-52615

ISBN 1-55700-116-2

You are about to read the story of Peter and his BIG YEAR. When you have finished you will see that every year, you, like Peter, go on a wonderful journey.

Every time your birthday comes round, you know that since your last birthday you have gone all the way around the Sun, and are starting to do it all over again.

I hope you'll like Peter, and make believe you and Peter are just the same -- maybe you are.

Every boy and girl can get the Big Year, if they just know how to ask, and their questions are good questions. Because each of you has an Uncle Peppercorn too, and though he is very small, he is very very important.

Uncle Peppercorn

Table of Contents

Special additional illustration by Justin C. Gruelle

  1. You May Call Me Uncle Peppercorn
  2. Build a Snowman, Peter!
  3. Grrmph! Peter, Grrr!
  4. I Have to be Somewhere Else Soon
  5. But You Do Babble, Don't You?
  6. It All Has to be Washed
  7. It All Comes from the Root, You Know
  8. You've Got Something Very Precious
  9. I'm Getting Very Sleepy
  10. I'm Going to Take You Back Now
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