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Online College Degrees

Online degree programs have become a very viable alternative to traditional classes. They are not for everyone, however. Those who find doing their classwork onerous and distasteful, are likely to find it even more so when there is no classroom, just the work. On the other hand, online degree programs bring higher education to many enthusiastic scholars who, for reasons of infirmity, geography, or familial responsibility are unable to attend regular classes.

While undertaking an online class alone can be a mistake, if done in collaboration with others and under the tutelage of a supporting and capable mentor, even the reluctant student can be very successful. This is a collection of some of the best options.

Western Governors University

With a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education together with other grant and foundation support, WGU offers regionally accredited (the mainstream recognized accreditation) through online, competency-based degree and licensure programs. WGU is specifically tailored to teachers, a field in which alternative accreditation bodies are not generally recognized. Unlike many institutions, WGU ostensibly strives to achieve a level of competence in its graduates, and is not simply intent upon having them jump through exigent and generally irrelevant hoops. Advancement is based upon compentence assessment, not units and coursework. Tuition expense: Moderate

University of Phoenix Online

With an excellent national reputation for providing working professionals with a quality education in Business, Education, Nursing, Technology, Criminal Justice, and more, this accredited university offers associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. Open also to Non-U.S. residents. Tuition expense: High

DeVry University Online

Degree may be earned entirely online. DeVry Online provides the flexibility needed to complete a degree independent of geographical and schedule concerns.

Walden University

Walden University is an accredited university that for over 38 years has been dedicated to enabling the success of working professionals around the world. Join more than 33,000 students and alumni who are making a positive change in their careers and the lives of others. As a leader in online education, Walden University offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs.

AIU Online

Degrees available in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Visual Communication, Information Technology, and Education. This is an accelerated degree and can be completed quickly. Flexible scheduling.

Saint Leo University Online

Regionally accredited Saint Leo University where a variety of career-track programs is available, including Business Administration, Accounting, Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice, and Computer Information Systems -- a member of University Alliance, an exclusive e-learning provider with over 150,000 enrollments.

Cardean University

MBA program with many courses developed in association with an academic consortium of five world-class business schools including The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Columbia Business School, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University and The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ellis College

Bachelor's degrees in Business, Human, Resources, Technology, Math & Physics, and 17 other disciplines. Open to non U.S. residents, provides flexible, personalized instruction through the internet. Work experience is required. Accredited online university offering the convenience and flexibility busy professionals need to earn online degrees in their free time. Ellis' online classrooms provide dynamic, fully-interactive instruction by noted professionals in their field, while the career-based curriculum enables you to practice and apply new skills immediately.

Capella University

Part time and flexible, Capella University programs are designed around the schedule of the working student.

Keiser College eCampus

An accredited college offering online degrees in today's hottest programs. Business, Medical Assisting, Criminal Justice, and Paralegal programs are included in Keiser College's offerings. Individual attention and placement assistance are standard.

Regis University Online MBA Program

MBA program online.

Jacksonville University Online

Online RN and bachelor's degree programs.

Villanova University Professional Certificate Online Programs

Programs includ Project Management, Six Sigma, Leadership, Contract Management, HR and Finance & Accounting. No campus attendance required.

Jones International University

Master's degrees in business, education, and communications. Faculty members from leading universities including The University of Pennsylvania, London Business School, and Carnegie Mellon University participate. Regionally accredited, non U.S. residents welcome.