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Online Education Center

For the benefit of homeschoolers unable to attend classroom sessions, the following distance education courses are now being offered by the EIE Academy. If the class you are interested in does not appear here, please contact the instructor of the traditional class and ask if other online classes may be possible.

Continuing: College Preparatory English Usage
Runs indefinitely. Enroll anytime. Eight weeks. $175.00. View our free online lectures on writing and college preparatory English before joining.
A limited number of students will be invited to take the College Preparatory English Usage Class under full scholarship. To be considered for this program, write us a short (200 word) essay explaining your reasons for wanting to study English usage. Preference will be given to homeschoolers and international students.
Taught by the author of SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section, College preparatory English Usage covers English vocabulary, usage, comprehension, grammar and composition. Please see our Writing Skills Playsheets section for a taste of class content and style. Course includes text, extensive resources, personal instructor attention, graded compositions, moderated discussion forums and chatrooms, quizzes, and a certificate upon successful completion.

For more information, email eclass@abacus-es.com or call (U.S.A.) (626) 797-7201

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