Abacus Homeschool Classes

Advanced Speech and Writing Class — traditional and online College Prep English class

This class is offered online as well as in a classroom setting. Recorded videos of the Advanced Writing Class up to Fall 2013 are available through WiZiQ. Current and ongoing class recordings of College Prep English are available on Youtube for auditors and for review. Visitors are invited to join our College Prep English Class community on Google Plus.

This course covers advanced English communications for students of any age who can handle college preparatory material and is designed to prepare students for university studies and for SAT, ACT and TOEFL exams. It has also been modified to prepare students specifically for the English communications credit by examination programs of Trinity College London. Emphasis is placed upon language acquisition through immersion and emulation as well as an understanding of grammatical principles. Writing and speaking skills and techniques will be covered and works of the masters of spoken and written English will be studied. College prep skills practiced will include note-taking, research and report writing, advanced vocabulary, language usage, comprehension and grammar. Students will write college admission essays, persuasive essays, SAT essays and reports and will prepare and deliver lectures and persuasive speeches. The class uses the one-room schoolhouse paradigm (See Advantages of the one-room schoolhouse approach to teaching). Please see our Writing Skills Playsheets for a taste of class content and style. Course includes personal instructor attention, traditional classroom/online video sessions, online text, extensive resources, graded compositions, moderated discussion forums and chatrooms.

WHEN: Meets at EIE, Mondays 9:00 – 11:00 am. Online classroom is always open and lectures are available online. Open enrollment during semester.

COST: $350 per semester. $50 discount for non-charter school students .

Online text is included in course. Many online resources will be used.
CONTACT: K. Titchenell (323) 432-7128
or email: eieclass@abacus-es.com


This class offers a sound foundation in music theory and composition taught in the homeschool spirit through hands-on keyboard experience. Learn to play on the keyboard whatever music you hear or imagine. We learn to write and read music too, but do not limit ourselves to reading what others have written.

Bring your electronic keyboard (or use one of several available in class), your ears, and imagination.

All ages and abilities welcome. Uses the one-room schoolhouse paradigm (See Advantages of the one-room schoolhouse approach to teaching).
WHEN: Mondays 11:00 throughout the year at EIE and all week in the online classroom. Call or Email for details.

COST: $250 per semester.

CONTACT: K. Titchenell at (323) 432-7128
or email: eieclass@abacus-es.com