Preparing Academic Papers for Publication

Producing polished and publishable copy in formal English is extremely difficult for many writers, particularly those whose first language is unrelated to English – Chinese, Japanese, Thai etc., for example. Most aspects of English grammar are fairly easily learnt and educated Asians generally handle these better than, say, the average American does. However, there is a specific set of usage and grammatical mistakes which native speakers of English nearly never make, but which comprise the majority of errors made by Asian speakers. An analysis of many papers and articles over a number of years has revealed that perhaps as many 80-90% of usage errors fall into three well-defined categories, and, once identified, there errors are not difficult to solve.  For an extensive treatment of these, please see Editing English For Publication — A guide for educated Asian language speakers.

Since 1993, Abacus Educational Services has provided high-quality editing and revision services for members of the academic community who need some assistance with the formal English required of submissions to scholarly journals.

Abacus Academic Editing Services strives to go beyond simple grammar and stylistic editing to provide well expressed prose which is indistinguishable from the work of educated English speakers, and which is, in nearly all cases, published without need for further revision.