College Prep English for Homeschoolers, class notes Nov. 21, 2014

Dear Homescholars,

Class Notes November 21, 2014

This week’s feed again did not work for long as our local computer froze. Some of the feed is there.

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Youtube Page

The playlist for our 2014-2015 classes is here:

To learn more about the class, please visit:, see the links and watch the video.

The playlist of 2013-2014 classes is also on Youtube:

ThanksgivingNote: No class next week: THANKSGIVING.

Updated Assignments

Essay Study

Dr. BerlinskiEssays by David Berlinski, a remarkably eloquent and incisive American author. Let’s continue with The Advent of the Algorithm, The 300-Year Journey from an Idea to the Computer

Here are a few more to choose from:

Where Physics and Politics Meet
A Scientific Scandal
What Brings a World into Being?
Was There a Big Bang?

The Forest of ArdenWe concluded our discussion of Hamlet this week and decided to go on to Shakespeare’s As You Like It. This is a delightful comedy set mostly in the Forest of Arden, Warwickshire.

Updated Assignments

Please continue to submit papers, poems, diatribes, ruminations.

Please watch/read As You Like It.

Let’s read Chapter 7 in the text.

Language immersion

Let’s continue with our ongoing projects:

Documentary by Jonathan Miller: Madness Note that some of this material is rather heavy. Please skip any parts.

Stephen Fry's Planet WordDocumentary by Stephen Fry: Planet Word


The Jonathan Miller documentary: The Body in Question and The Machine That Made Us, documentary on the Gutenberg press by Stephen Fry.

Rowan Atkinson on freedom of speech

David Berlinski lecture: The Devil’s Delusion
A really rather fascinating lecture. Listen to it specifically for the language.

Lower Priority Assignments
Terry Eagleton on the war on terror. Prof. Eagleton is one of the great speakers.

Please read: Flying High by Christopher Hitchens.

Robert Fisk on writing and journalism. Fisk is one of the most highly honored journalists in the world.

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