Class Jan. 6 — no audio. Class notes.

Dear Scholars,

The WiZiQ class today was missing audio because I forgot to plug in the microphone. So sorry.

We discussed ways to improve education and ways in which students can find their own best ways to learn — projects which reflect the specific interests and ideal learning styles of students. A few thoughts were presented:

  • Dramatic and comedic dialog writing.
  • Research and research paper writing the easy way.
  • Rewriting and editing — starting with an existing work and producing something new and different.
  • Skit writing and production.
  • Comic monologue writing.
  • Letter writing — from personal correspondence to business letters and applications.
  • Let’s see how much fun Shakespeare can be. Perhaps we will write some of our own pseudoshakespeare.
  • Collaborative story writing — groups of different sizes working together.
  • Completing and publishing our literary journal issue and starting on the next one.

Submit your own suggestions regarding subject matter and the writing process. What would you like to write about, with whom and under what conditions?

Please bring to class any appropriate material that has inspired you and which demonstrates language or ideas that you feel would be of value to the rest of the class: videos, articles, books, films — whatever you find interesting.

Traditionalists steeped in mass-production educational batch processing insist on “age appropriate” material in the classroom which eliminates multi-level educational environments. Some classes work very well with multiple age ranges. Younger and older students are welcome to join our class.

Another short article on language learning has been posted: Learning Languages Like Children. We discussed language acquisition methodologies.

Skit writing seemed to appeal. Feel free to post anything that appeals.

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