Class notes and assignments — the pacifism debate

Dear Scholars,

In our class Thursday (view the recording. LaRA, Angela and Amanda/Dorothy joined us online. Apologies to you online folk — the screen sharing never seems to be properly synchronized):

  • We had many excellent papers and covered most of them.
  • We also discussed and defined some vocabulary from the Sadlier Oxford site. Please keep expanding your vocabulary journals.
  • We engaged in a spirited debate on the subject of music downloading and piracy.

We decided that Micah would choose a debate topic for next week. He has chosen a very interesting and provocative topic: the value of pacifism. Let’s do a little research on the issue and post thoughts. Persuasive essays on this subject are welcome. Please post.

Arguments from the page Micah provided:

Proposition: Is the rejection of all violence a valid principle by which to live?

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