Class notes. Debate topic: the value of television

Dear Scholars,

We had an interesting and thought-provoking debate this week on the topic that Micah suggested, the value of pacifism. The class recording is here: Several excellent persuasive essays were submitted.

Resources presented:

From Dictatorship to Democracy A pamphlet by American academic, Gene Sharp, which is largely responsible for non-violent revolutions in half a dozen countries including the recent one in Egypt. This work was put into public domain by the author and has been translated into more than 30 languages. It is banned in many countries.
The 83 year-old academic who inspired the Egyptians. An article about Dr. Sharp.
Mahatma Gandhi — a century of peaceful protest Article.
Gandhi was wrong — nonviolence doesn’t work Article.
Micah presented this video on Does Pacifism Work?

Those of you who were unable to attend and were only able to listen might like to present persuasive essays demonstrating your opinions on the issue.
cats TV
Adrian was asked to submit a topic and has come up with an excellent one. Rephrased it is: “The impact of television has been a positive influence.” Please put some thought into the issue, write papers and come to class on Thursday prepared to debate it (in complete sentences, using formal English). This is another complex topic. Let’s see if we can see more than just the surface issues. Please post resources and reference material on the subject. This sounds like fun.

Please continue to post in your vocabulary journals and please read and learn the words presented in the vocabulary journals of others.

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