Advanced Writing Class agenda: The part-time job debate

Dear Scholars,

Last week’s recording ( had screen sharing problems but the audio seemed to work.

This week’s class feed and recording will be here:

We are continuing with the subject of persuasive essays and debates. These have been very lively and informative. Breana has submitted this week’s topic: The advisability of high-school students holding down part-time jobs. Please come with ideas.

There have been some very good vocabulary postings. Make sure to read them and learn the words. Would a quiz help?

Projects to cover:
Sam’s The Outlaws of Sherwood
Dorothy’s persuasive essay on texting
Amanda’s persuasive essay on television and health
Dorothy’s essay on vitamins and dancers
Sam’s vocabulary
Amanda’s vocabulary
Marc’s historical fiction

Note: there have been no postings of lectures and debates lately. There have been some good lectures presented by Fry, and Hitchens was interviewed on 60 minutes recently, but some content makes these inappropriate for our purposes in class. You may look them up on your own if you like. I have found very little new material from the other great speakers, Berlinski, Eagleton, Miller, Fisk etc. Please contribute to classroom resources by posting articles and lectures if you find good material.

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