kt Advanced Writing Class agenda March 17, 2011. Our literary journal, skits revisited, cheese

Dear Scholars,

Screen sharing didn’t work last week. We’ll make sure to fix that. Last week’s feed and recording is here: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/491022-advanced-writing-and-college-prep-english-march-10-2011

Class feed this week will he here: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/496435-advanced-writing-and-college-prep-english-march-17-2011

Copies of our Advanced Writing Class Literary Journal for fall will be available at EIE this week thanks to Adrian’s excellent production work. You should all have copies for your academic portfolios. We will discuss this issue and our next issue. Much credit goes to Angela, Adrian and all of you for your excellent work on our first issue. Unfortunately, not everyone had pieces in this issue due to its theme and to space considerations. We will try to make sure that everyone is represented in the next one. It may be possible to have it printed by and available on Amazon.com.

Last week, after a brief discussion of part time jobs, the topic presented by Breana, the subject of skits arose and the suggestion was made that we do the cheese shop sketch and write further skits.

Angela has written a very nice skit on the composition of the Gettysburg Address. A perfect example, and a place to start.

Cheese shop
I’m sure you’ve all looked the skits posted in the Skit Section of our classroom. Our Cheese Shop classroom page has now been expanded to include a full script of the sketch together with an account of how it was inspired and a table of all cheeses mentioned. Please everyone watch The Cheese Shop. We will do one or more readthroughs of this sketch. It’s actually trickier than one might think, but very worthwhile.

A Scriptwriting forum has been created in the classroom. Please post ideas and scripts.

Reading and listening resources from last week.

If you have time, please give these a try.

Bertrand Russell on the Atomic Bomb. 1945
This is quite short but brilliantly insightful.

On Liberty by John Stuart Mill
This is a quite long and difficult but very significant work.

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